Friday, 3 September 2010


How do people play this as a PvE game?

i have been carebearing for a week, wormholes and missions if that was how i was to continue id have to quit.

Altough i have a hefty balance now for Pew.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

All Change explained.....sort of.

I have made a lot of isk in the past via the training and sale of combat pilots, train em up to 10mill with good gunnery, cruiser 5 and good learning, it’s all LD was ever intended for but it didn’t happen and I kept on playing her, until now.

I sold her for a large chunk of isk with the intention of training myself up a Caldari or Gallante main, then I though “fuck that” and reinvested in a readymade character with a decent Sp pool, the thing is with buying a character is that you never get what you want, so you have to go for a decent base to improve.

That’s what im doing, the base is there and then with a month or two of consolidation it will be a pretty damn solid character able to move on towards caps and other T2 BS, ill be keeping it pure Caldari for now, and aiming for some T2 Siege launchers as part of that tidy up (fully T2 BS ftw?).

Also I have been playing the game long enough (4+ years) that I should really start thinking about Cap ships, it’s a goal anyhow.

Still a shit name mind you......Sicko chick

(blog mashed accordingly.)

Friday, 20 August 2010

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Fail.....i think.

Had some good fights last night, I’d repost KB links but there pretty messed up to due to them happening in the same system.

Ok on to the fail.

In the second engagement I was asked to fly my Scorpion (EWAR BS for those that don’t know) and play on the station, the rest of the fleet where a bit behind but moving into position, enemy took the bait, Mpk undocked he’s carrier as secondary bait and to rep me up the plan being I would then Cyno Diamond in.

The massed horde kicked my teeth in, I redocked repaired ready to undock as our fleet came tearing in, the evil enemy fled and regrouped on a gate, the order was given to chase and see if they would engage. They did.

Then the fail, even though it’s a battleship the scorp can be brittle and is best used at range, I didn’t, I warped to zero and so did Goose in his scorp, as a force multiplier they are high profile and get primaried and removed from the battle ASAP.

We went down like Thai hookers, luckily I was tanked and managed to jam out 7 ships before popping, if I had warped in at 100k I would have had a bigger impact and possibly saved a lot of our guys from getting biffed.

Lesson learned I hope, now to buy me a new scorp or two, it’s a ship I enjoy flying, yeah it will never top killmails but the difference it can make to a fights outcome

Before I forget, we won the fight and held the field and I enjoyed the fight massively, but if the ewar pilots were a bit smarter it would have been a more convincing win.


Saturday, 14 August 2010

Jealous Little Boy

Sorry not the KB post I have waffled on about, this is about EvE’s equivalent of Penis envy, ie ship envy, I have due to character sales, trained up and played all races bar Caldari and flown most ships. my main love has always been minmatar ships it's where I started and where ill end.

At the moment I’m training for Command ships, but technically they really are just fancy pants BC’s, one that packs an incredible punch and one that will bring nice bonuses to the fleet.

Mostly for the main part I'm really happy with all the ships I fly and what they do with in their given roll, and never find myself looking at others and saying, I wish I could do that, that changed earlier today,

Zekk pulled the rabbit out of the hat for this fight no disservice to the T3 on the field, I too myself can and have flown T3 in pvp, but the Black op’s jumping in was something they were in no way prepared for, they really didn’t know what to do, they probably were shocked to find a beastly proteus ripping them up, possibly annoyed by my rapier forcing them to engage by limiting their movement.

But the redeemer pure fucked there shit up.

I have seen carriers drop’s, I have taken part in evil ganks with T3 and FC’ed a 40+ man rampage of syndicate, but the effect that BS had on the fight was brilliant, all involved got the shakes, we started out manned, no idea if this would work and certainly on the verge of losing a lot of isk, but work it did, best fight I have taken part in in ages, we all played our roles perfectly, the only fly in the ointment being my rapier loss.

And for the first time in a hell of a long time, I'm jealous.

Black op’s, do want.

Also mad props to Rogues Dual boxin mad skill.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Obvious bait is obvious

a mini battle report.

Obvious bait is obvious

If a Hurricane (see blog pic) comes into your home system, jumps into your gang it’s a good bet he is not alone, definitely when there’s 21 people in system, even more so when he casually starts shooting up everything in sight.

What you shouldn’t do in this situation is shoot back, ignore the idiot and dock.

Or you can do this –

You can aggress, and then when it all goes wrong call on your buddy who was ratting and a bit dim, you can watch your little support gang of 3 frigates 1 moa and a zealot run away.

And you can die.

If you chose this path please don’t bitch and whine in local, you failed and you paid for it.

As an aside i enjoyed the armour cane, only really ever used shield fits (shield 4 life dawg) but it also means i should pull my finger out and get Hull upgrades V done.